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Choosing the right products for your needs and lifestyle is essential when purchasing carpets or flooring for your home or business.


Here at C&C Carpets and Flooring in Wellington, Somerset, we understand that buying carpet or flooring is not just about the latest style or colour.

When buying carpets or flooring there are many things to consider like the wear and tear the flooring is likely to endure, whether it needs to be hardwearing, easy to clean, hygenic, pet and child proof etc..

We offer expert advice and help on chosing the right products for you and stock large samples for you to peruse and even to take home to get a better feel for how these products will look and feel in your home, and if you wish to see a much larger piece we can take you into our warehouse where we pull out a roll for you to look at and feel! It’s just all part of the service. And remember all stock is available to take or delivery can usually be arranged for the same day.


We have a huge selection of Carpets & Vinyl’s available either to order or in stock ready for immediate same day delivery if required.




The carpet selection we have comes from all over the world, we select the ranges that we believe are going to provide you with exactly what you are looking for, whether it be based upon durability, style, colour, texture, price or just purely a luxury feel.


We also buck the common trend of only supplying 4 or 5 meter width carpet. Several of our ranges are available in “waste saving” 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 meter widths, this is great whatever area you are looking for as it can cut down on your waste thus saving you money!


British carpet manufacturing is still going strong and we pride ourselves on dealing with several great manufactures both large and small!




We have a large selection of vinyl Roll-Stock available in 2, 3, & 4 meter widths within our showroom, no more choosing from a tiny sample you can see the whole roll. But if we don’t have in stock what you’re looking for, we have a huge selection of pattern books, which we can guide you through to find that perfect one.


We also have a great selection of vinyl planks and tiles, which are suitable for anywhere in the home, this way you can have a bespoke floor laid to any design or angle to suit you.





We look after a large number of landlords and letting agents all across the area, they know we have what they are looking for in stock at the right prices. We have several ranges in different colours available to take away, have delivered or fitting can be arranged within days!

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